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Re-Invent Yourself; Business, Career and Personal Transformation: 7 Transforming Principles to Increase Happiness, Work-Life Balance and the Self-Worth ... Inner Child (Reinventing Yourself Book 1)

by Paradee Thomas

ASIN: B00TH455V4

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How to Adapt in a Rapidly Changing Business World

If you’ve ever let an opportunity pass you by because you were afraid of change or failed to adapt then you’ll understand the importance of both personal and business flexibility in today’s rapidly changing environment.

We live in an age of constant change with new technology, new career opportunities and new ways to monetize our ideas and expertise. We need to reinvent ourselves to keep pace with the world around us in order to stay relevant to the community in which we serve.

Reinvent Yourself is for you if:

  • You work in a fast-paced industry such as IT, engineering, finance, marketing, or healthcare

  • You are a high achiever who wants to make an impression and make a difference

  • Showing up each day as the best possible version of yourself matters

  • You want to have it all: career, family, fun and peace of mind

For 25 years former Management Consultant, Paradee Thomas was known as the “Transformation Specialist”. She was often given a difficult job of turning around an out of control project or business operation with hundreds of people involved.

During this time she noticed that certain things worked successfully for her clients’ business operations and started to apply these “hacks” in her personal life. She refined them over and over again until a simple set of 7 transformational principles emerged that anyone can use in their business or personal life to achieve more happiness, satisfaction, work-life balance, and an increased feeling of self-worth.

Based on Universal Principles that are at work all the time for everyone (whether you are aware of them or not) Reinvent Yourself offers 7 transforming principles to increase happiness, work-life balance and the self-worth of your inner child!

The principles outlined in this book will save you years of trial and error! They are:

PRINCIPLE #1: Change the Way You Think
PRINCIPLE #2: Believe in Yourself
PRINCIPLE #3: Tune into the Right Station
PRINCIPLE #4: Ask Better Questions
PRINCIPLE #5: Keep Things Simple
PRINCIPLE #6: Do Something You’ve Never Done
PRINCIPLE #7: Never Give Up

Reinvent Yourself will show you exactly how to effectively transform your business, career, and personal life from where it is now to where you want to be—with ease and fun.

Sprinkled with inspirational quotes that will change your thought patterns and shape your life for the better, you will find practical wisdom here that you can use in your business, career, and personal life.

Here’s one example:

“You can’t pursue your dreams if you are too tired each day…
find out what is sucking the energy from your future and subcontract it!”

By following this proven system that the author has used for herself and her clients over a period of 25 years, your desired results are assured!

Scroll up and order your copy today or use Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature to begin reading now. Reinvent Yourself is available in Kindle, audiobook, and paperback.