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Secrets of a Firewalker

by Scott Anderson


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Imagine if fear was suddenly no longer a factor in your life. What would you do? What would you change, give, be, or accomplish?

If you are ready to push past your self-limiting fears, tap into the zone and learn how to perform your best when it matters most . . . this book is for you!

In this revolutionary new book, “Secrets of a Firewalker”, Scott Anderson, “Coach Scott,” using proven sport psychology and neuro-physiological principles, takes your hand and leads you step-by-step through the same process that has helped millions of people do the “impossible” by discovering the incredible power that exists inside of us all!

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to Smile Train. Imagine changing the life of a child forever and yours in the process. That’s my big WHY for writing the book. I invite you to share the journey.