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Publish Yourself To Wealth: Build Your Perpetual Prosperity Platform - Turn Your Knowledge Skills and Expertise into Perpetual Income

by Diane K. Bell


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If you're simply interested in becoming a published author, there are other books more suited for you, however, if you are seeking to turn your hard-earned education, knowledge, expertise and skills into multiple income streams...keep reading.

This book, the first in a series, is about a system that creates your very own perpetual prosperity platform. You’ll learn what YOU can do to claim your authority; become the distinctive leader you are and want to be; and discover shortcuts to the life you've declared you want to live.

You too, can leverage the one secret used by only 3% of one Harvard graduating class to create a combined net worth that exceeded the entire remaining 97% of their classmates...(as discovered in a study conducted decades ago.)

"If you had everything you need, including time, money and resources and you want to design your life and business perfectly, what would it look like 3 years from now?...10 years from now?"
You’ll discover lessons within the pages of this book, you’ll never learn in Ivy League institutions…and be fascinated by the results of others who’ve taken their first steps into the world of perpetual income.

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