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The 7 Steps To Creating Your Masterpiece Day: A How-to, Step by Step guide for Young Professionals looking to Re-Invent their days to achieve Great Success

by Peter Yobo


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The 7 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece Day is Peter Yobo’s motivating story about overcoming the stresses involved with the pursuit of corporate and business success through a commitment to raising your standards and demanding the most out of every day.

Peter’s journey chronicles the extreme highs and lows he faced as a hardworking and high performing young professional and entrepreneur. After hitting bottom rock due to a failed startup and the debt that came with it, poor health, broken relationships, and the neglect of his dreams, he knew it was time to make a changed - immediately. Through research, perseverance, and an investment in himself, with a focus on those around him, he developed a detailed framework that transformed his life and continues to do so. Peter managed to not only transform his life, but more importantly, discovered that the intentional investment in each day and the conviction to demand the most out of your 24 hours is what matters most.

In The 7 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece Day, Peter shares the 7 steps, which, when implemented daily, will create true life transformation.
If you share Peter's passion for living fully and achieving greatly, then you'll have a blast reading The 7 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece Day.


The 7 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece Day is a short story that also includes a workbook that guides you throughout the book. You will receive access to a PDF version of the complete Workbook within The 7 Steps to Creating Your Masterpiece Day. The workbook walks you hand in hand through all the steps you need to ensure you experience great value and Create Your Masterpiece Day!

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