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by Hong Thang


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All property investors who want to maximize their investment return must first learn about the fundamental truths and the various models of property cycles and be able to understand what drives the property market. The 18 Year Real Estate Clock aka the Property Millionaire's Secret Clock represents more than 100 years of collected wisdom and experience. Yet this research gem is largely unknown to many real estate investors who come from all walks of life and from all parts of the world. It provides readers with a basic grasp of how the 18-year real estate cycle really works and serves as a handbook for understanding the key to timing in real estate investing.
This book presents the information in a straightforward, no-nonsense and easy-to-read style and reveals how the 18-year property cycle works and how one can safely profit from one’s real estate investments at all times by understanding the wisdom of the ‘clock’ in terms of choosing the best time to buy, sell or hold.
Who should read this book? Theoretically anyone and everyone who is interested in real estate or wants to invest in it; be they property investors, developers, consultants, real estate agents, students, lecturers or even landowners. I would advise them all to pick-up this book.
The 18 Year Real Estate Clock aka the Property Millionaire's Secret Clock is your KEY to a tried and true financial wealth-building blueprint. It has been suggested that if someone grasped the concept, they would be on the fast track to skyrocketing their property investment portfolio and becoming the next Property Millionaire!
This book will enable you to understand:
•The many theories about real estate cycles and their limitations
•7 reasons why the 18 Year Real Estate Clock cannot be ignored
•Why timing is important in property investment
•The18-year real estate cycle and what drives it and why the cycle of boom and bust never ends.
•The dynamics of the Malaysia property cycle. With this in-depth analysis you will be able to determine the best time to invest and profit from your investment. This analysis can also be applied to any other country where you might want to invest.
The 18 Year Real Estate Clock aka the Property Millionaire's Secret Clock is about you and your money. It's about how you can safely invest in real estate in any country to become the next millionaire investor with no worries or fear.

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