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Hormone Harmony: 8 Steps To A Vibrant Life Beyond Menopause

by Clare Shepherd

ASIN: B010NKV514

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If you want to control menopause weight gain & unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms AND live a Vibrant Life BEYOND Menopause, this eBook is perfect for you.
Written by nutritional therapist Clare Shepherd who, having gone through the struggles and traumas of life throughout the menopause years including the death of her daughter, came out the other side EXCITED about life and all it has to offer by following simple nutrition and lifestyle guidelines, getting all the support and guidance she needed.
Hormone Harmony is written to share information that will help you too balance hormones, reduce or banish unpleasant menopause symptoms, kick start appropriate weight-loss and create vibrant health in a new life ‘Beyond Menopause’.
Weight gain, mental confusion, brain fog, anxiety, depression, hot flushes, ageing, sluggish metabolism, low libido, moods, energy & vitality, disrupted sleep (and breathe!) are just a few of the common symptoms that can plague the menopause years. 

This 8 step 2 week kick-start programme includes a simple hormone balancing and health promoting diet, exercise and lifestyle programme providing you with:
~ Appropriate weight loss
~ Relief from common menopause symptoms
~ An understanding of why change is so crucial to health
~ Prevention of future health problems eg osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity & depression all potentially requiring a lifetime of medication.
~ Additional downloads
~ An invitation to learn more to ensure you stay in control and maintain long term benefits.
~ A UNIQUE opportunity for free PERSONAL SUPPORT via a private Facebook Group
In fact, I’d like to welcome everyone reading this introduction whatever your age, who has an interest in balancing hormones, living a long and healthy life, helping make a beautiful body full of happy, healthy cells!
Everything in this book will help you too.

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