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What We're Wheelie Like: We're Regular People And We Use A Wheelchair

by Gail Ruth Miller


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'What we’re Wheelie like’ is a READY TO GO RESOURCE … for schools, comprising ‘What we’re Wheelie like’ book, Teacher’s Resource and Powerpoint ready for your Smartboard or computer activities.

Teacher's Resource linked to Health and Physical Education Curriculum
•5 weeks of pre-planned lessons with activities and accompanying worksheets that can be photocopied - Junior Primary/Elementary
•6 sections of pre-planned Investigative Learning and activities for Upper Primary/Elementary, High school or Tertiary (Training Support Workers)
•To teach students that although we may appear different physically or culturally, we are all the same underneath. 
•We all want to enjoy life, contribute and have fun. 
•I used wheelchairs to illustrate a point, but the content is relevant to any difference.

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