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by Marlon Smith


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In Voices of Inspiration, you will learn real-life strategies and solutions for living YOUR BEST LIFE. The authors in this book includes a diverse group of 26 experts and leaders who represent five countries: Spain, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United States.

Each chapter is written from the space of possibilities. Some authors share real life epiphanies and wisdom from their own personal struggles and valley experiences. Others empower you with action-oriented solutions for transforming your life. This is a POWERFUL Book for you, your family and colleagues. You will be inspired.

The Co-Authors (in alphabetical order):

Andrea Berry
Ana de Castro
Regina Clay
Cymone Davis
Cher L. Castillo Freeman
Stanley Funches
Patricia Karen Gagic
Lester and Monique Garrett
Corey and Sharma Graham
Donna L. Hamilton, M.D.
Millard House
Karen Malta
Dr. Matt Mannino
Alex Merritt
Shannon Moore
Alexander D. Muto
Toni Navy
Todd Pierce
Dr. Sunil and
Kristen Sharma
John Steward
Michelle Shurtleff
Shannon B. Taitt
Edward Tillman
Craig Wilkinson
Dale White
Tim Woods

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