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The Heart of Entrepreneurship: It's Your Time To Shine

by Samantha Riley


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DO YOU WONDER WHY OTHER PEOPLE CAN BE CONFIDENT AND GROW THEIR BUSINESS WHILE ALL YOU FEEL IS FEAR? The Heart of Entrepreneurship is based on Samantha Riley’s experiences and insights of life as a business owner and entrepreneur for over twenty years. In this book you will learn: •How to build a business which fits you like a glove and fills you with passion and purpose •How fear is showing up, holding you back, and what you need to do to keep growing your business •The tools to enable you to make important business decisions quickly •Why you need to stop being ‘vanilla’ and differentiate yourself and your message •How to navigate life while riding the entrepreneurial rollercoaster Samantha’s message is you CAN do it. You do have a message worth sharing, and by embracing your vulnerable and authentic self, you have all the courage you need within you to stand up and change the world. It’s your time to shine!
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