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What’s The Gift?: One Question Can Change Your Life And Your Business (30-Day Challenge Workbook) (The Entrepreneurs Guide To Business Success Book 1)

by Trevor Crane


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Why I wrote this book:

I was sick and tired of my life, my business, my girlfriend, and I was in a business where a business partner told me lies all day, so I did the same to him. I needed to get my life together. I needed something to motivate me. More specifically, I needed something to move me from this ‘stuck’ place I was in.

One question changed my life.


What if… What if every single problem really was a gift in your life? What if every problem you’ve ever had was life happening for you, not to you? What if everything in our lives is guided? What if everything in our lives was Devine timing? Everything? Even the pain. When you are in the darkest place. When you feel like all is lost. When you think there is no way to turn it around. Victory is near.

This book and your 30- Day Challenge will help reprogram the fundamental way you approach life, and the MEANING that you attribute to events. Let it change and improve you. There’s nothing keeping you from enjoying a full, active and happy life!

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.

I have been fortunate to see Trevor inspire audiences with winning strategies for growing their lives, businesses and careers. Trevor cares deeply about teaching his clients how to create results and revenue quickly. He is completely dedicated to his clients, and helping them achieve and exceed their goals with proven systems that create results on demand.

Frank Clark, Partner at Game On 365

One of the first things that you may notice when you meet Trevor is his passion for life and his full throttle enthusiasm for helping people. Trevor is masterful at helping people monetize their ideas. He has a unique understanding of how to attract, serve and maintain high paying clients. His work with coaches, authors, speakers and consultants helps them dramatically increase their revenue. He transforms them not only into entrepreneurs but into highly paid trusted advisors.

Willard Barth
Business Leader, Executive Business Coaching Expert and Speaker

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