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A Victory March

by John Klein


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“A Victory March” is not an autobiography like many others. It’s a love story revealing the author’s many life challenges, personally and professionally, from childhood to adult life and retirement. Described is an out of the ordinary life, which benefited from others who took time and made effort to show grace in action.
The author’s journey shares the survival of childhood cancer and weathering the storms of an unhappy foster home, punctuated by emotional abuse. A victory was realized because the author embraced the wisdom of good books and successful people. His story tells of which books influenced his life. Childhood heroes, those famous and others virtually unknown, are chronicled. Some are easily recognizable, while others were neighbors, teachers and mentors in the workplace. John speaks with great affection of the “families of another name,” how those families shaped his own confidence to become a father in his own right. It tells of the character qualities gained and the strengths needed for what would become a labor of love: being a caregiver to his own wife. The story is tough at times, yet – always – tenderness found its way along his pathway, one each of us, sooner or later will experience one way or another.
As the story unfolds…as the victory march ensues, the reader is enriched and enlightened by stories told from the world of work, all which prepared Mr. Klein for his life’s mission. He is fond of saying he is not a theologian or a therapist. For he is The Encourager! This book narrates the journey that made “encouragement” his heart’s desire and mission of “helping others help themselves.” Readers will learn of his many “lessons learned from the University of Life.” In doing so, the author’s “Top Ten Guiding Principles” are divulged.
Whatever the reader’s station in life, “A Victory March” encourages people to live, learn and apply what they learned from their own life stories, to realize no one is a self-made person and that something good can come out of any bad situation or difficult relationship.

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