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Secrets Of The Ultimate Man: 5 Steps To Mastering The Game Of Life

by Richard Phu


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What does it mean to be an Ultimate Man in today’s world?
Do you have to become the Alpha Male to get noticed?
Or is there a way you can be the sensitive new-age man, without losing yourself to your feelings?

The feminist movement has helped women evolved from just the stay-at-home wife to the leader in the boardroom. The same cannot be said for man. Men have been left behind by some decades through the wave of feminism. So then where is your place, as a man, meant to be in today’s world?

After years of research, application and interviewing some of the leading minds and thought leaders I realized there were more questions such as:
- How to be a Man
- How to be the best version of yourself
- Best ways of building self-confidence

Through it all I've combined all of the secrets on how to become the Ultimate Man.

To truly understand what it means to be not just to be a man, but your OWN Ultimate Man. Each man, deep down inside, crave to be a leader, to be unique, respected and loved for being his truest self. To become the very best version of himself...

This book is to serve as a guide to help the man, who is ready to forge a life that matters. To learn how to be more focused in his life in order to make the biggest differences. If you're the man who is tired of being trapped by fear and doubt, this book will show you the way to unleashing the warrior within yourself. To be the hunter of your fears and showing you how to obliterate your fears, your doubts & your overthinking ways, for good!

You’ll learn how to become more Focused, more Confident and more Respected through the simple 5-step system. Most of all you'll learn how to honor your word, your truth and yourself to allow you to embody the warrior within to be a man.

To be a man, The Ultimate Man ...

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