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The Talent Genius: How The Top 1% of Realtors Build World-Class Teams

by John Pyke


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When it comes to hiring, moving risk as far away from you as possible is always best. By implementing a time-tested, scientifically proven hiring system, you eliminate the costly, frustrating guesswork out of hiring and replace it with certainty. This book shows you how to access up to 88 percent of the "must know" intangibles that are hidden to the naked eye when you interview. This advanced insight is an absolute game changer and enables you to consistently hire the best people with supreme confidence. After all, knowing is always better than guessing!

You Will Also Learn...

· Why 20 percent of the sales force at almost every company consistently sells 80% of total sales

· How to consistently hire the top 20 percent of salespeople using a time-tested, proven science

· How to extract the highest performance from your existing employees

· The training that will have the largest individual and corporate impact

· Why using one-dimensional personality profiles are woefully inadequate at predicting performance

· How the hardwiring of the brain dictates your strengths - measure this hardwiring using science

· How to identify what motivates & drives employees and potential new hires

· How to ensure employee engagement and peak performance

Praise for John Pyke, author of The Top 1% - Best Practices of Real Estate Rainmakers

“John Pyke is my secret weapon…I am so appreciative of his expertise and would not want to face a single year without him!”

- Marti Hampton, RE/MAX One Realty & Top 10 Worldwide for RE/MAX since 2007

“John Pyke helped me grow from solo agent to seventh level in three years. His services are among the best investments I have made in my real estate career - I highly recommend John!”

- Tom Daves, Tom Daves Team & #1 Keller Willams Agent for four consecutive years

“John Pyke and his ability to consistently find us the best talent has been nothing short of amazing…one of our new hires sold $18.46M in his first year with us.”

- Chad Schwendeman, EXIT Lakes Realty Premier, #1 Agent out of 25,000+ in North America and Ranked #27 Nationally by The Wall Street Journal Real Trends

“John eliminates the costly, frustrating guesswork associated with hiring…in the last two years we sold 378 and 555 sides respectively. This year we are on track to sell over 750 homes.”

- Jeff Cook, Jeff Cook Real Estate - Wall Street Journal Real Trends Top 30 Real Estate Team in U.S.

John Pyke is an award-winning speaker, #1 international bestselling author and leading expert and advisor in the areas of hiring, sales, peak performance, employee engagement, and adult learning. His work and results have been featured by over 200 media outlets including FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC.