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She Will Always Carry On: How I Beat Cancer Against All Odds

by Maddy Ritchie


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At the age of 17 only a week out from graduating from high school Maddy Ritchie was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. She was given most likely three months to live and had to undergo 12 months of the most enduring and intense treatment regime to have some sort of chance at life. Through her horrific adversity she found hope and healing through writing, she is raw and real when it comes to the truth of cancer on the individual and the others that surround them. A young girl of feeling self conscious, lack of purpose, materialism and taking many things for granted her cancer diagnosis flipped her world upside down. It changed her as a person forever but for a good reason.

Her determination inspired many, she wanted to share her personal story with the world in hopes people will understand, relate and be more aware of the real issues and stigma’s that surround cancer in todays society. She found through the power of her mind and within herself that she serves a purpose and that she can recover even when the odds were so against her. Maddy Ritchie is a #1 international best selling author of “She Will Always Carry On”. Maddy writes about the good and the bad days of her experience, how to cope with such grief and uncertainty, relationships, and how to look at your adversity positively and the power of the mind!

Maddy is an inspirational and engaging Speaker on overcoming extreme adversities. Her openness with her personal life, what she faces everyday and her passion about making a change in the world is one that stands out from the crowd. She talks openly about her pain and devastation the cancer left on her body, the lack of funding and inequality certain cancers face today, and that even through horrific times we all can make it through by determination and the mind.