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Spark: The 8 Mental Habits of Highly Successful People

by Jay Menez


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Life mastery begins with mind mastery. “Spark” distills hundreds of hours of recorded interviews, thousands of book pages, and live discussions with over 100 remarkable individuals down to 8 foundational mental habits that you can adopt and apply starting today. Used by many of the world’s most accomplished people–including business leaders, entrepreneurs, athletes, academics, and artists–the mindsets within this model for success psychology will give you the mental fortitude, clarity, creativity and perspective to get over what’s holding you back, get ahead on a new path, and break out to live a fuller life, now.After a decade-long exploration of mindset and personal interaction with subject area experts through his consulting work, and as a filmmaker, Menez brings head-in-the-clouds concepts to feet-on-the-ground levels and hits the sweet spot of long-term, enlightened thinking in a quick-read, practical application format. His curated Spark framework of eight mental habits comprise the model for holistic success psychology engineered to enhance your happiness, development, and success in life regardless of industry, life stage, or generation.Features the words and advice of Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Peter Diamandis, Tom Bilyeu, Russell Simmons, Naveen Jain, Simon Sinek, Tim Ferriss, Lisa Nichols, Marshall Goldsmith, Neil Strauss, Jim Kwik, Jason Silva, Marie Forleo, Laird Hamilton, Muggsy Bogues, and dozens more.