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The Future of the Sales Profession: How to survive the big cull and become one of your industry's most sought after B2B sales professionals

by Graham Hawkins


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B2B sales is harder than ever before.

Product lifecycles are getting shorter, sales cycles are getting longer, there are more competitors entering the market, and buyers are doing most of their research online before they even call you. When you finally get the meeting, buyers only want your best price.

Despite all of this, your manager keeps asking for more – more calls, more meetings, more pipeline, faster, faster, faster!
You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place – a more challenging sales environment than ever before on one side, and ever-increasing quotas and expectations on the other.

How will you respond? Wait and see how it all unfolds? Or fight for your career and your livelihood?

In The Future of the Sales Profession, sales leader Graham Hawkins shares the cold, hard truths about the new realities facing the sales profession, and how you can protect and enhance your career.

"The Future of the Sales Profession is a fascinating, sobering and enlightening book. If, as Graham suggests, over 20% of sales people will lose their jobs by 2020, then this book is the best survival guide you could ever hope for." – Cian McLoughlin, CEO of Trinity Perspectives

"This book is a compelling and comprehensive insight into the changing nature of business in the 21st century. Sales people will all have to adapt, and Graham has articulate exactly how." – John Merakovsky, CEO SEEK Learning.

"Graham Hawkins has nailed the future of selling in this must-read for every sales person seeking to prosper in the age of automation and customer empowerment." – Tony J. Hughes MD of RSVPselling

Graham Hawkins is an author, speaker and the Founder of SalesTribe, the world’s first career transition management company designed forB2B sales people. Businesses need access to modern sales best practices, and sales people need new opportunities. SalesTribe makes those connections.

About the Author:

With more than twenty-eight years of business experience in executive B2B sales and sales leadership roles, Graham Hawkins is a highly experienced and versatile business executive with proven strengths in strategic business development, go-to-market planning, and sales and marketing.

Graham has worked in the UK, Australia and across Asia Pacific as a representative of some of the world’s most innovative IT, telecommunications, finance and media organisations. Graham has an MBA (Exec) (Distinction) from RMIT and is a member of Golden Key International Honour Society for high-performing business students. Graham is also a part-time lecturer and student mentor in the RMIT Executive MBA Program.

Graham has extensive experience in developing, mentoring and leading highly successful sales teams while driving multi-channel sales engagement strategies that dovetail with the new Age of the Customer.

Today, Graham is the Founder and CEO of Transform Sales International, a specialist consulting firm that assists small, medium and large organisations with strategic sales planning, business development and sales force optimisation. He helps his clients drive sales transformation programs and best practices.