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Spin Your Content Into Gold!: How you can turn your expertise into audience-building marketing messages that converts viewers into buyers

by Jim Butz


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Looking to radically grow your business? You’ll need a plan, new prospects, an easy process to create new content and new tools to distribute content using Internet tools and technologies. And much more.
To avoid getting overwhelmed, we believe that you, the content creator and owner, should focus on what you do best, developing and packaging new content, while outsourcing all the technologies to effectively reach new customers and managing your campaigns. We show you have to USE technologies and not LEARN them. This is a mistake that most professional service providers suffer from. They are taught by product people to focus on learning the technology. After training, you are, at best, a Trainee.
If you’re looking for ideas, strategies and tools to triple your business by engaging your ideal customers using content and the biggest media platforms, this book is for you.