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How To Love Yourself When Your Parents Don't* --A Survivor's Guide to Healing, Forgiveness & Happiness (Didn't* - A Gift for All Ages): Self-Love, -Worth, ... -Care and Validation that You Matter

by M. Fenton Deutsch

ASIN: B0779KY66Z

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Feeling Loved and being OK with who you are is a God-given right and an obligation to both ourselves and to those who are most dear to us. Sometimes we find it hard to love and honor ourselves when others don't -- especially our parents who, perhaps, can't show it.

If you are someone you know and love struggle with not feeling loved and cared for, often the seeds of such unhappiness were planted early on in life. This is not a death sentence and, if you want to be happy, you can learn to love yourself no matter what your circumstance and learn to remove the resentment, anger, and self-pity from your life and vocabulary. You can learn to take care of yourself no matter what and to never need the approval of others to determine how you feel

Everything in your life is a choice -- the attitude you take, how you think, what you believe and how you act -- these are all in your control. I am going to show you how to make better choices that will help you feel the way you want and deserve without the use of mind-altering substances.

We can decide to have life “do us,” or we can choose to “do life.” I chose to “do life. Each breath you take today is the best time to change – a golden opportunity to repurpose and reboot yourself and your life. There is every reason to have HOPE and to believe that things can change. NEVER give up that wonderful sense of hope! I didn’t and neither do you. All it takes is a decision and a leap of faith. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose – except for your misery which I will happily refund. You have every reason to have hope and to believe that there is something better waiting for you. But, first you need to summon your trust and faith that with great and concerted effort, you can and must change. And to that end, I’ve written this book to save you from yourself. You’ve already made the decision to reach out and ask for help.

So, put down the bat, give yourself a much deserved break and spend the next few days together to learn “How to Love Yourself.” Let’s take your deep-seeded pain and despair and transform it into positive action and meaningful change. Together, we can and will make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

My hope and wish for you is that you seize this powerful opportunity to get real with yourself. To look honestly at the many choices you have made that got you where you are today. And to harness the courage to identify and confront those areas of your life that you are not happy with and are begging for attention and to change them once and for all.