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The Top 10 Reasons Why People FAIL To Recover From Addiction - A Survivor's Guide to Relapse & Permanent Recovery: Learn How To Get & Stay Sober, Transform Pain To Happiness

by M. Fenton Deutsch

ASIN: B0779PS668

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It is now estimated that an alarming 50 million people worldwide die each year from a drug overdose or health-related issues. Suicide claims another one million victims, or one death every 40 seconds – mainly from those who couldn’t find their way out from the grips of their unhappiness and dis-ease. But, this blight pales in comparison to an even bigger problem: Another two billion people struggle around the globe with depression and anxiety disorder. Of this, 220 million are children --- something that they learned from their parents or caretakers. The cost to society, to our families and loved ones is beyond staggering. Clearly, the untreated “misery” business is crying out for help!

The recovery industry in the U.S. alone has exploded to $35 billion in size. There aren’t enough beds and addiction counselors in rehabs and detoxs to meet the escalating need. Another $1 – $2 Trillion more is sadly wasted each year on health care remedies that don’t work. God only knows what the figures and statistics are worldwide. As the world gets more complex, challenging and stressful, more people young and old alike -- are falling victim to substance and behavior abuse, and untreated misery.

Addiction and suicide are now among the top 10 leading causes of death in the U.S. -- and that doesn’t include the many others who never even make it into recovery. Addiction to opioids, and the resurgence of heroin use worldwide has reached epidemic proportions among young people. Each week, I see several people disappear and die from the many 12-step meetings that I attend. Others report about the loss of loved ones that never even made it into recovery. And, that doesn’t include the many people around us who love us that we take hostage in the process of our pain and misery. People can’t handle the underlying pain and futility in their lives, and prefer to numb or anesthetize themselves to avoid dealing with reality. The fear of change keeps the addicted deep in the throes of the bondage of self.

Sadly, the huge percentage of people relapsing after being in and out of detoxs and rehabs is all too familiar with so many people. And, now with the introduction of Fentanyl and other other toxic cuts to heroine and other opioids, death is the dismal reality for so many, as death from drug overdoses has now doubled to tripled in nearly all Western countries, according to recent and very alarming reports. Adding insult to injury is the promised, new war on drugs by the Trump administration and senior officials already in bed with drug companies and distributors, government all over again, and relapse from addiction has become all too commonplace. . When is this vicious cycle of death and unstated misery ever going to end? Clearly, there is no cure and the struggle to stem our own addiction is elusive for most.

The real question is: Are you next??

While the process of recovery and life-transformation can be miraculous for some those first time winners, the majority of people experience relapse after relapse and die unwittingly, never knowing why. I know, as I nearly died twice myself until I finally surrendered to the truth of my life and accepted the fact that the many forms of addiction can maim and kill anybody if we don’t get recovery right. It is undoubtedly an ugly and fatal disease if not arrested completely.

There are many reasons why people fail to get and stay recovered, here are the Top 10 Reasons that most anyone who struggles with addiction will be happy to share with you. What really matters is how do you avoid relapsing back into your addictive misery and what are the necessary skills to deliver you to a happy, joyous and free life – the life you were always intended to live. M. Fenton Deutsch leads you on the journey that will change your life!