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The Power of Play, Praise and Purpose: The Best Kept Secrets of Thriving Entrepreneurial Couples

by Kelly Clements


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While business coaching has proven invaluable to millions of entrepreneurs around the world, it is the spouses of these entrepreneurs, both male and female, who are the unsung heroes at home. They are the heartbeat of these businesses, and to truly create the extraordinary life that entrepreneurship promises, it is critical to invest as much in your relationship as you do in your business.
In this smart, sharp, and deeply felt book, executive coach Kelly Clements shares her insights from working with the entrepreneurial elite for over fourteen years. You’ll discover the secret to unlocking the true potential of both the entrepreneur and the spouse by understanding
•The unique dynamic that entrepreneurship brings to a love relationship
•The single defining factor that sets “ordinary” couples apart from extraordinary ones
•Actionable, step-by-step strategies to rebalance and strengthen your relationship through the power of play, praise, and purpose.

By sharing select stories from the hundreds of entrepreneurial couples she has coached, Clements shows how long-term success requires more than just the entrepreneur’s ability to lead. In order to create the foundation for a relationship that can survive entrepreneurship’s volatile ride, both the entrepreneur and the spouse must align with a vision for their shared life. If you are an entrepreneur, or are in committed partnership to one, Play, Praise, and Purpose: The Best Kept Secrets of Thriving Entrepreneurial Couples is your guide to how it takes two extraordinary people to create one extraordinary life.