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Medical Malpractice & Other Lawsuits: A Healthcare Providers Guide: Key Factors You Must Know... Overlook One and Put Yourself at Risk

by Dr. Richard Moses


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This book will serve as a general primer for new and seasoned physicians and other providers in the health care arena. It gives an overview of the types of medical malpractice insurance that is required in most states to practice medicine and ideas on how to avoid lawsuits in medicine. It will make you aware of the types of lawsuits that can occur with the practice of medicine and how to avoid them. You will be educated on the defense of a lawsuit and what it entails.

Dr. Moses wrote this based on his over 30 years of experience in practicing medicine full time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and teaching an upper level law school course entitled “Current Problems in Law and Medicine” for over 20 years at the Beasley School of Law, Temple University. Additionally, Dr. Moses has spoken with innumerable professionals and patients across the United States and Canada, serving as an educator and consultant in medical professional liability, patient safety, risk management, health care compliance, and medical ethics.