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365 Power Diet: How to Overcome Obesity and Strengthen Your Faith with New Habits that Last a Lifetime

by Marti Carrier


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The very first time in my life I struggled with excess weight was in the eighth grade. By high school, I began searching for a diet that would work quickly and easily in an attempt to lose weight and get thin.

I started seriously exercising alongside dieting after I became a stay at home mom. Subsequently, when Mark and I used our fitness passion to open a fitness facility, I became intimately acquainted with clients of all kinds that struggle with obesity and used what I had learned to help them succeed.

I often considered writing a diet book, and one day, while praying about it, God dropped into my heart the book of Nehemiah. I rushed home to put together an outline scanning the book of Nehemiah for chapter titles.

Because 365 Power Diet is a spiritual journey to weight loss, I wanted the number of its chapters to represent a Godly number. The number twelve represents God’s power and authority. Another Godly number is seven, representing completeness and perfection which is the number of points I make in each chapter.

Nehemiah was a very determined individual who got a vision to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem for God’s glory. I used his powerful journey as a blueprint that you can follow to rebuild the walls of your health and fitness.

During the course of this book, I outline strategies and scriptures you can stand on that will strengthen you for the daily battles you face to become healthy and fit. Then when adversity comes, and it always does, you’ll be ready to fight with the Lord by your side. I’m so honored and delighted you’ve taken this giant step to overcome excess weight. I can’t wait to hear your testimony of deliverance.

God Bless you as you read, Marti