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Stop Struggling In School: The secret brain reset for children with reading, learning or behaviour problems

by Wynford Dore


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Do you have a child who struggles with reading, emotional control or concentration?
These children are completely misunderstood. Here I share the secrets I discovered to help millions.
In this book, you will learn:

# 1: The 5 Ways Experts completely misunderstand children who struggle in school
They are not lazy, crazy or unintelligent. It is NOT bad genes or bad parenting

# 2: How to test your child’s symptoms to see if the issue is neurological, not psychological and how to stimulate the brain to change their life so they become super learners.

# 3: The real root cause and effective brain reset for:
Poor reading
Poor concentration
Poor social skills
Low confidence and forgetfulness

# 4: How you help eliminate your child’s challenges
-and even prepare their brain to go back and find the failed attempts to learn

Help your child master key skills and succeed at school and in life.