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She Markets, A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs: Five Simple Steps to Attract More Clients, Make More Money, and Have More Impact

by Cynthia Trevino


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Are you tired of struggling to find more clients? Cynthia shows in her book how to find and understand your ideal client so you waste less time and have greater success attracting those clients to you. — Anne E. Perez

Know Your Dream Clients. Attract Ideal Clients without Being Salesy. Create Content Your Clients Want.

Marketing to bring in dream clients can be a complex process for life and wellness coaches, consultants, and services-based business owners, but She Markets: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs teaches you exactly how to do it— step-by-step —without feeling salesy or overwhelmed.

Whether you want to get back to the basics of marketing, create content for your website, get started blogging, or know what to say in emails, She Markets helps you craft messages your clients need to hear from you.

The truth is, the better you get at content creation about solving your dream clients' problems, the easier it is to close sales. Why? Because your clients all buy from people they know, like, and trust. Creating content that matters to your dream clients is a proven strategy to marketing for women.

This book is a must for you, as a life coach, consultant, and or business owner, who wants to attract more of the clients you love serving.

Here’s what you’ll find in this step-by-step guide:

  • The #1 mindset shift you need to make so you can create content that attracts ideal clients

  • Why traditional marketing gets it wrong by telling you to figure out your target market

  • 8 questions to help you tap into your clients’ urgent problems with ease

  • 21 fill-in-the-blank email subject templates you can use to get more subscribers to open your emails

  • Your content creation key to eliminating writer’s block for good

  • One fact you must never forget about how to create content so you can find ideal clients

  • 15 little-used questions to help you visualize your ideal clients’ self-talk

  • 27 title templates so you can grab your dream clients’ attention on your website

  • The unexpected thing you do when creating content that causes potential clients to instantly quit reading

After serving small businesses as a consultant for 15 years, today Cynthia Trevino is a marketing coach for women business owners. As a newbie entrepreneur, Cynthia made tons of mistakes before clearly understanding her ideal clients. Now, she’s put the hard earned marketing for women lessons she teaches in the 5-Step Client Clarity System into the book, She Markets .

She Markets is your must-read, go-to resource if you feel like throwing up your hands when it comes to creating marketing content to attract dream clients.

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Discover how to create content that captivates your dream clients with She Markets!

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