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Publish. Promote. Profit.: The New Rules of Writing, Marketing & Making Money with a Book

by Kosberg, Rob


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In 2008, Rob Kosberg faced the biggest business test of his life. Like many others he had to start over after the financial crisis and build a business in the worst economy of our generation. He did this with his own bestselling book and has gone on to help thousands of other authors to replicate his success. In Publish. Promote. Profit. he tells you exactly how they are doing it. How some clients are earning over $100,000 per month with their books, getting booked on massive stages, getting press and media on demand and becoming the hunted in their industries.

Publish. Promote. Profit. explains the current self-publishing environment and covers the ins and outs of what it means to be an author, expert and thought leader in your field. Far beyond "how to self publish" or “book marketing” Publish. Promote. Profit. explains how to create compelling content quickly and become a true bestselling author even if you have no list, no following and no platform. It contains many real life examples and case studies of the successful systems his authors are using to attract an endless flow of leads, clients, speaking opportunities and media.

Praise for Rob Kosberg and Publish. Promote. Profit.

I first met Rob and Best Seller Publishing 3 years ago when I was looking for a publisher and marketing expert for my book anthology series, “Put a Shark in your Tank”. Rob became a friend, trusted adviser and later a partner with me on our new book series. The strategies and tactics Rob teaches in this book are truly cutting edge and what’s working right now with him and his clients, including me. Rob outlines the strategies necessary to not just have great content but to get your content into the hands of your ideal client and build yourself a platform and legacy with it. In this book Rob shows you how to go from hunting for clients to being The Hunted. I am thrilled to see this content get into the hands of those with a message that the world needs to hear. As I was once told I now tell you. It’s time to leave the shadows and make an impact with your message. Here’s to building your legacy.

Inventor of the Infomercial and original Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank

Rob has a system that works, he takes a personal interest in his authors and to me it is a one stop shop that was a savings of time, energy and money and also helped move this project forward in a very efficient way. My thanks go out to Rob and BSP because they did help make my book a BEST SELLER.

Former U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Best Selling Author of It All Begins With Self

Section One: Publish

S’mores Anyone? (Laying the Foundation of a great book)
Lions, Tigers, and Bears? No—Titles, Subtitles, and Contents: Now That’s Scary
The Problem with Writing Is the Writing

Section Two: Promote

Rocket Man (or Woman) Book Launch Success
The 800-Pound Gorilla
Launch Party – How to Launch Your Book to Success

Section Three: Profit

Fiesta (Birthday) Time – How To Really Make A Profit With Your Book
Options, Options, and More Options – Examples of Clients Successes
The Power of Speaking – How To Use Your Book To Get Speaking Engagements
Media Fame, Shall We? – How To Use Your Book To Get Media
The Lifeblood of Business – Generate Leads With Your Book