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The Renegotiation of Your Retirement: The 5 Essential Negotiations to a Retirement without Compromise

by Frank Leyes


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The landscape of retirement is changing. Assumptions we once took for granted are no longer true. Markets are changing. Longevity is increasing. Government “stimulus” rewards spending and penalizes saving. Pensions are disappearing. Entitlements are woefully underfunded. Personal responsibility is the only path to freedom. You must negotiate on your own behalf…starting today! Time is the enemy of the procrastinator and the ally of the negotiator. In this brief, compelling work, Frank Leyes, ChFC highlights the forces threatening to permanently alter our notion of ”retirement”. Some of these forces have been at work for decades, and others are approaching rapidly.You won’t inherit your parents’ retirement. You won’t retire to the season to which you thought you were entitled. You will experience the retirement you negotiate... one informed decision at a time. In this book, Frank Leyes, ChFC will show you the way. It’s time to renegotiate your retirement!