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Reclaiming Your Retirement: 5 Risks that Endanger Your Future and How to Overcome Them

by Richard Braverman

ASIN: B07P68S4F2

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Your Retirement is at Risk!

Many of the institutions we once thought safe are rusted and corroded–functional but in significant decline. Changes in entitlements, government spending and longevity endanger our plans for retirement. And if we fail to address these challenges, our financial future will be in jeopardy.

In Reclaiming Your Retirement: 5 Risks that Endanger Your Future…and How to Overcome Them, Richard Braverman tackles the five dangers that threaten your retirement:
• Social Security is woefully underfunded and is projected to run out of money in the decades to come.
• Pensions across the country are facing insolvency…and the organization designed to insure them is running out of money too.
• Healthcare costs are increasing at dramatic rates with little likelihood of relief.
• Government spending has mortgaged our future while depressing returns on investment.
• And yet we are living longer and will require more money in our retirement years.

The path to a fulfilling retirement has changed. You need expert guidance to take back the retirement you deserve.

Let Reclaiming Your Retirement show you the way!