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Projects Popes and Presidents: An Inspirational Journey That Shows How You Can Overcome Life's Obstacles and Achieve Your Dreams

by Herbert Lang


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One of the many beauties of life is the unpredictability. No one born into this world was born with the choice of where they would be born, what their physical characteristics would be, nor could we choose who our parents would be among many other life characteristics.

Each individual develops differently, physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are many changes that occur within each one of us during this lifelong development. In time we all have to get a grasp and decide who we are and the person we strive to be. During this journey which begins at birth we will face many trials and tribulations. There will be many ups and downs. There will be opportunities to expand and grow as individuals, and there will be times when we don’t recognize these opportunities if they stared us in the face.

There is always beauty in life’s struggles. In life starting at a young age if you treat others better than you even expect to be treated, your stars will undoubtedly align. No individual has ever made it, or succeeded in life without the help of others. Be cognitive of your surroundings and those you encounter in life. You, along with the way you treat individuals, will help lead you to your desired success or outcome. There will be many times in life when you can make choices. Don’t be afraid! Be excited for your success. Projects, Popes, and Presidents is the story of an inspiring and motivational beautiful struggle.

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