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Best Behaviour

by Tony Holmwood


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As a manager or HR professional, would you like to have a happier, more fulfilled workforce that will boost employee motivation, development and growth – and ultimately your business’s profitability?

Historically, human behaviour has been dominated by left-brain (transactional) thinking. Standardisation, productivity, competitive advantage, compliance and incremental growth are products of a logical left brain. But we need to relegate this thinking and empower our workforces to develop their creative, collaborative, spatially aware, big-picture, right-brained (transformational) capability if we are to adopt the best behaviour that will succeed in a rapidly changing business environment. Best Behaviour examines how:

  • emotional development is key to creating a responsive, innovative, open culture

  • knowing our motivations and strengths builds a strong identity and a passionate workforce

  • trusting our intuition builds emotional intelligence (Ei) and enables our critical reasoning

  • learning Ei and addressing our weaknesses develops a powerful leadership cultural competence and enables proactive workplace cultures

  • managers and HR professionals can champion and coach business transformation.

Coaches will need to be aware of employee vulnerabilities, show empathy, promote trust, and be supportive and accountable for developing Ei in their organisations. To assist them in their task, Tony has created an innovative Behavioural Development Framework. This book is not for the faint-hearted – be prepared for some thought-provoking arguments on why we have an imbalance of command–control ‘boss’ styles and their impact on our planet. Tony introduces an Ei, cultural change and business transformation framework, and presents a strategy to develop culturally competent leadership, essential for business transformation and to secure our communities for employee wellbeing.