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Empowering Women to Succeed: Letting Go

by Randi Goodman


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Journey through the fifth volume of the #1 best selling book series: Empowering Women to Succeed. As you turn through the pages of this book, you will experience the lives of thirteen woman, from all walks of life as each author shares a powerful message of what it means to let go.

Empowering Women to Succeed Volume V: Letting Go will bring you tears, joy, and encouragement to take action towards a life of peace and acceptance. Consider this a must read for those who look for insight into life's struggles. These women’s stories will motivate you, inspire you, and empower you on the path to success.

The authors of this book pour their hearts and souls into providing the most uplifting and emotionally raw collection of stories. Sharing your story isn’t easy, and for many, it takes deep self-reflection to express themselves through writing. As each word hits the page, memories come flooding back all the while believing by writing it will help let go.

As you read this book, you will understand the challenges it took for these authors to put their thoughts on paper for all to read. May these stories bring out the bravery in you and encourage you to let go too!