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by Divya Parekh


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"In-demand Business Leadership Coach and Influence Building Advisor, Divya Parekh is back with a bold and revolutionary playbook that will take you from the backseat, get your hand on the wheels of your life, and drive you to the desired destination.
There is nowhere you can hide. You daily face an uncomfortable truth – if you are not living an extraordinary life, you are living with mediocrity. If you are not an influencer, your message will be limited to a few. The masses that need could benefit are left to deal with their struggle on their own.

Have you been curious to know how people around you get all the opportunities you desire? Do you find it hard to speak the words, solve problems, and build the personal character that will make you seamlessly attract people and resources? So, what is an influencer doing that you aren't?
In the book, Divya Parekh dives deep into why certain people can win the heart of others with ease, create a compelling message that people can relate and be the solution that they are thirsty for.
Regardless of your chosen career path, you desire to achieve success. With this book by your side, you will be able to claim your authority, helping others succeed and be in the spotlight as an influencer.

The book consists of three major sections peppered with practical exercises. When you implement strategies systematically, and with exceptional commitment, you will break every single barrier to becoming a leading influencer.
The first part is the Design Phase - This is the secret sauce that you need to walk through the foundational blocks to building a lifetime of impact. You will not only connect with the real you in this section and possibly, for the first time, but also discover the hidden golden truths to living your best life.
The second part is the Build Phase - you are a unique breed, and your untapped potential exists, waiting for you to realize it. You will learn to amplify your unique voice with powerful strategies that will take it to every part of the world? The tools to unravel that possible is what you get here.
The last part is the Live It Phase - several generations to come are eager to hear about you - your experiences, your thoughts, solutions, dreams, pain, adventures, and breakthroughs. Would you like to know how to inject a lifetime of legacy into every minute of your life, going forward? Divya Parekh has loaded the last section with the full dose of living your messages that last into the future.
It's time to begin the journey! Let's get started!