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Meet the Persevering Penguins and Pals

by Moorea Friedmann


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For the persevering penguin family, happiness means being together. They are determined to work hard to be with one another and their friends—even when they must swim against the current to do so.

Their friends the otters know they are never alone. When the waters are murky, they are still focused on helping each other and their friends. The leading lions are one pride, one team, and all have different strengths. Although their pals the inspiring iguanas sometimes feel a little scared, they must believe in themselves, go out on a limb, and do things that make them uncomfortable. The networking nightingales alert one another so that they can all soar. The growing gerbil feels like he is just running on his wheel, going nowhere. But when his cage door opens, he finally gets his chance to grow by being with others who are not like him at all.

Written and illustrated by children who truly relate to their young audience, this book is a fun and engaging way for little ones to embrace diversity, inclusion, and what it means to be successful global citizens.