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Registered Trademark: The Business Owners’ Essential Guide to Brand Protection

by Cheryl Lorraine Hodgson


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This consumer driven owners’ guide contains a three-step process to secure a registered trademark for valuable brand names. Select. Secure. Sustain.™ Follow these steps to safeguard your online brands in Amazon Brand Registry, Social Media, domain registrations, and increase business value.

Business owners face complex business and legal challenges on the path to a profitable business. One of those challenges is to identify and protect intangible assets that increase the bottom line. Registered trademarks not only add business value, they also provide essential cyber security for valuable brand assets in today’s online environment.

For the first time, a leading trademark attorney shares three proven steps to help insure you create a strong and legally protected brand. The author has carefully reimagined tried and proven trademark principles presented in easy to understand language. You will have the tools to create a significant, memorable brand so that you can market your business with a strength and integrity that makes a greater impact in the world, and upon those you serve.

This integrity driven guide provides business owners and entrepreneurs the keys that unlock the door to greater business and financial success.

You will learn:

•What is a trademark and when should you seek to register your brand names?
•The types of brand names that qualify for a registered trademark, and which do not.
•The process to successfully secure a registered trademark
•Reasons your application will be refused and ways you can avoid rejection.
•How to avoid being misled or scammed by dishonest opportunists.
•How to side step bad advice and find an expert you can trust.

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