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The 8-Minute Mastermind: How to Travel Anywhere for Free, Solve any Problem, and Add $100k+ to Your Business

by Brad Hart,Rodney Miles


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Revised & Updated! IN BRAD HART’S The 8-Minute Mastermind , Brad introduces us to a new business paradigm which is fun, lucrative, scalable, and truly helps people. Further, it’s easily one of the best ways to improve your own expertise on any subject you choose. After being involved in a long list of masterminds himself, and creating many of his own, Brad shares the incredible benefits along with the hard-won best practices for starting your own, no matter who you are, so you can truly travel anywhere for free, solve any problem, and add $100k+ to your business in 5-10 hours a month. Buy, read, reread, and share The 8-Minute Mastermind today. You’ll only wish you had started with masterminds sooner!
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