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Escape Your Matrix: How To Master The Game Of Life

by Anna Berger


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"You don’t need to be stuck in a loop of stress, busyness, and unfulfillment. This book will show you how the first seven years of your life have shaped you, how powerful the subconscious mind is, and to reclaim your true authentic self, change your reality, and live out your dreams. This book is a must-read." - Farah M, ★★★★★

If we are so knowledgeable about what makes a good life, why aren't we living one?

With all the self-improvement journeys we constantly embark on, why do we so often return to the status quo? Why do we self-sabotage our efforts and spend weeks, months, or a lifetime feeling bad about our failures? We have the knowledge—if not in our heads, then certainly at our fingertips—so why is it that change requires so much willpower?

No matter how many good habits or patterns you try to implement, you cannot find true and lasting joy until you face the subconscious programming that's controlling your life. Escape Your Matrix will help you discover and remove these old beliefs and patterns to give you the space and freedom to find peace, fulfillment, and success.

Escape Your Matrix will help you to:

  • Realize why past relationships failed
  • Swiftly remove your mental blocks
  • Stop self-sabotage and find your purpose
  • Decide what you REALLY want out of life
  • Make friends with that annoying character inside your head
  • Get your subconscious program to work for you and not against you
  • Recode your subconscious mind

After transforming herself, Quantum Mind Academy CEO Anna Berger built a quarter-billion-dollar empire in real estate and went on to coach Directors, CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs from around the world for over a decade. She brings this knowledge to Escape your Matrix, teaching you how to combine the science of achievement with the art of fulfillment to achieve outstanding results based on proven processes.

Turn your life around and achieve tremendous results with this eye-opening map to mastering the game of life.

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