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Marketing Matters In Life And In Business: 7 proven steps to success

by Eli Zheleva


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“Marketing Matters: 7 proven steps to succeed in business and in life” is NOT only for marketers. It’s for everyone who wants to excel in life and in business. Your business success is a reflection on your personal success, and this book will show you how to take control of both and improve them. The information in Marketing Matters contains proven strategies and techniques on how to reduce stress and enhance your personal and professional life. The book has worksheets that will guide you to apply the knowledge in the book to your personal circumstances.Eli Zheleva has more than 10 years of experience in the marketing world and has had the privilege to meet in person and learn from #1 peak performance coach Tony Robbins, #1 wealth coach JT Foxx, marketing expert Randi Zuckerberg and best-selling author Robin Sharma. A copy of the book gives you a chance to win a FREE one-to-one coaching session with the author. Making progress in life has never been so easy! Grab a copy and try for yourself!
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