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Raising Brains : Mindful Meddling to Raise Successful, Happy, Connected Kids

by Sarah Levin Allen


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Topping the list of things no one bothers to tell you when you become a parent is this big secret:

If you want to raise your child to be happy, successful, and connected, you need a plan.

When it comes to understanding your child, expert advice on creating a plan is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. This book is that needle you’ve been searching for.

In this practical, holistic, and fun book, Dr. Sarah Levin Allen — working mom, pediatric neuropsychologist, and parent/teacher coach — walks you through the magic questions, conversation starters, and “Mom tricks” you need to create your own parenting plan for raising your little brains.

Little Brains? Yes, you probably think you are raising kids, but you are actually raising brains. And you might be surprised at how helpful it can be to think of your kids as little brains, especially when emotions are running high. This is the core of the mindful meddling parenting philosophy offered in this book.

Under Sarah’s guidance, you’ll learn:
●The 2 magic questions to help you think differently about parenting
●How to encourage your little brain to Glow and Grow
●How to take advantage of everyday teachable moments
●The brain basics checklist that will put everything back on track during “off” times
●How to approach parenting different brains
●How to create your own mindful meddling plan

To be successful, happy, and connected, little brains need to learn more than how to follow the rules parents, teachers, and society create. They need to understand the meaning behind those rules. They also need to learn what they value. They need to know their own strengths and weaknesses. And they need to learn independence, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Raising Brains, teaches ALL the skills your child needs to flourish.
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