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Sooo... How was your day?

by Brenda Hammon

ASIN: B0932LDS53

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The stories that are in between the cover of the book are all true and I am amazed I survived them all. For me, there are two main ways to look at our stories and our past. We can either see it as a negative or we can see it as a positive event. I chose to see the positive and to see a humorous side to my life. Laughter is truly the best medicine in life.I wrote this book so that one day, when I am old and gray, I can have a good laugh at the things that I did. No doubt, I may likely have forgotten they happened all.I hope you enjoy each of the stories that I have shared with you, maybe there are a few lessons in there for you but maybe not. How you see life and how I see life are not the same, but I hope you laugh a little while you read each story.
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