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Attracting Your Life: Discovering Your Greatness

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ASIN: B0945W63CY

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#1 International Bestseller in FIVE categories in the United States and Canada. Including Women's Spirituality, Dreams, Physiological Aspects in Psychology, Counselling & Psychology Essays in the US and Mental Health in CA.

Learn to identify the hindering blocks you have and start the process of tapping into your greatness. Your past thoughts created your current reality. You can reprogram your current views and thoughts to create your future. The concepts covered in this book include:

  • Knowing Who You Are
  • The Power of Manifestation
  • How To Reprogram Your Thoughts
  • The Law of Oneness
  • The Importance of Abundance Mentality
  • Creativity and Imagination Exist In Each of Us
  • How To Ask The Right Questions To Unlock Your Potential
  • How To Use Affirmations Correctly

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