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You Were Born Psychic: Unlocking Your Abilities to Create Your Best Life

by Joan Scibienski


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Being Psychic is Not a Gift. . .

Much like our other senses, it is a survival tool we are born with. You can reawaken this power and begin to see and control your life differently. Understanding basic metaphysical concepts, and practicing the techniques and exercises in this workbook, will increase your understanding of how to develop psychic abilities.
This fast and easy, step-by-step approach filled with explanations and exercises, can be used daily to solve problems, have a healthier body, protect yourself and your environment, contact your angels, guides, and loved ones, and help release fears and past hurts that keep you from having the happy life you deserve.
It is time to demystify the psychic/metaphysical world. It is not hard or intimidating. It is not evil or frightening. Rather, it is a tool to help more easily navigate the obstacles life often brings.
By awakening and developing your natural psychic abilities, you can empower yourself to create the life you’ve always wanted and to master tools that will forever enhance your future.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joan L. Scibienski is an intuitive consultant with more than 40 years of experience helping clients from around the globe.