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Yes! Commit. Do. Live: Embrace the Brain-Body Connection to Achieve Your True Desires

by Lisa Charles

ASIN: B096W3692R

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YES! COMMIT. DO. LIVE takes you on a journey to reimagine yourself, discover the True/Authentic you, and find lasting health from the top-down / inside-out.
Combining aspects of health coaching, personal training, and brain science, The YES! System Flips the Script on Aging using a simple, three-part process:

  • Embrace the Yes! Mindset—a positive, empowered outlook enabling you to eliminate barriers, reimagine your potential, and discover the authentic you.
  • Reconnect your brain and body using focused movement, breathing, and eating exercises.
  • Choose an age-defying life—you really can "Age with Grace and Excellence."
  • Boldly challenge your brain, body, and beliefs throughout the rest of your life as you achieve and advance your personal vision and goals.

Lisa has put her years of self-exploration, career reinvention, and fitness/wellness coaching to work in helping countless clients reclaim their health and transform their lives.
Now, she's challenging you: Are you willing to embark on the YES! Journey to find a version of "you" you never thought possible?
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