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Charlie Goes to The Doctor (Get Healthy Kids)

by Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery,Donnel Dockery,Nelson Dockery,Dondré Dockery,Melrose Dockery,Yolande Dockery,Edgardo Gonzalez,Alison Green

ASIN: B097CQ7K62

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Who really likes to get sick or be taken to the doctor?

I’m sure no one likes that. When poor Charlie got a sore throat and tummy ache, he felt so awful that mom rushed him over to Dr. Cooper, who discovered Charlie had a tonsil infection.

However, instead of giving him medication, Dr. Cooper took Charlie on her
Get Healthy Train for the ride of a lifetime. Charlie met many friends who taught him the secrets of good health and how to build a strong immune system to keep his body healthy and free of infection and disease.

You'll love the beautiful illustrations. Enjoy the ride and activities along the way!