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Hidden Treasures: Finding the Missing Revenue in Your Dental Practice

by Heidi Mount


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Coach Heidi Mount's claim to fame is helping dental offices make $500+ more a day on tomorrow's schedule. By sharing her unique and "anyone can do" steps, you can transform your dental practice and live your ultimate lifestyle. She reveals exactly how each team member can help the office earn more than $10k a month and consistently reach your collection goals. You can do this in a way that cultivates a healthy, high-performing culture where everyone loves their job and respects you. By reading her book, you will unlock hidden treasures in a modern world and learn the unspoken secrets to catapulting your business!

Discover many checklists, key performance indicators, scripts, creative ideas, and simple systems that improve your business consistently. Heidi provides leadership and employee traits for a win win situation. Hidden Treasures will inspire each and every team member to reach their dream destination!