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Stories of Praise

by Patrick Griffin,Donnalee Griffin


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In a time when so much information is coming at us and trying to shape how we think, how do we decide which version of world reality we can safely rely on? How can a person know that he or she is committed to the right direction in a world that is constantly changing, and in which we have few, if any, ways of testing which competing story is the right one?

The Bible presents a story you CAN count on. A story that does not change, is not filtered through a narrative-shaping media, and will not mislead you. Stories of Praise presents the Biblical story of the role of praise in the walk of faith. This book, from beginning to end, is a true story of triumph through struggle. Each chapter provides an easy-to-follow Bible Study on the subject of how God acts through faith expressed in joyful paise with heartfelt thanksgiving. Each chapter also provides a short, true life-story for contemporary illustrations of the amazing Biblical teaching on praise.