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Book Funnels & Amazon Ads: How to use your book & Amazon Ads To Attract Customers and build a 6+ figure business

by Alex Strathdee,Gabi Youssef


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Your book was meant…

…to help build your brand.

Why can’t you find the readers?

Alex Strathdee can help. He’s built a successful Amazon Ads consulting business with over $300,000 in ad budget and this book shows you how he did it. If you need to scale your marketing, then you must learn these techniques.

Do you understand book funnels?

He will walk you through every step to build profitable book funnels. You’ll learn the importance of social proof and how to pick a winning title.

Do you know how to run AMS ads profitably?

You’ll learn the art of Amazon Ads and how to:

  • Increase clicks
  • Improve Conversion Rates
  • Optimize your Campaigns
  • Use Auto Campaigns effectively
  • And much more

When you’ve finished, you’ll be prepared to do the analysis needed to make smart business decisions.

You’ll love this Complete Marketing Strategy book, because learning from a consistent winner makes it easy.

Get it now.