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Thriving Beyond Crisis: Conversations with Resilient Entrepreneurs

by Tammi Schneider,Mitra Dee Evans,Jennifer Lonnberg,Pei-Ming Sun,Kim Wilkinson,Heike Marruzzi,Vanessa Ciano Saracino,Saina Ghadiany,Nurazimah Abdul Rahman,Kate Kunkel,Divya Parekh,Lisa Marie Pepe,Janis Melillo,Lisa Hamilton-Smith,Lydia Dae Daling,Jessica Myles,Sue Giplaye,Lakeshia Hyatt,Chrissy Roletter,April Panknin,Linda Ledbeter,Lea Azzouz Gerlock,Wendy Kok,Najmunnisa Binte Abdul Kadar


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The stories contained within this book will inspire and motivate you to find your own strength in the face of adversity. You'll discover that like the women in this book, you are so much powerful and stronger than you ever imagined. Let their words guide you to a fuller understanding of your own inner strength and fortitude.
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