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The Roadmap to a Happy and Successful Retirement: Seven Essential Steps Every Baby Boomer Should Address to Retire with Peace of Mind

by Kim Fisher

ASIN: B09F256CK8

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The Roadmap to a Happy and Successful Retirement offers sound advice on how to create and enjoy your retirement years. You'll discover the seven unique and practial ways you can conquer the treacherous road that lies ahead.  

In this book, you'll find proven strategies that you can use today to set yourself up to succeed for tomorrow. Retirement can be scary, but the principles outlined in this book will help you achieve the financial security you desire.

In The Roadmap to a Happy and Successful Retirement, author Kim Fisher helps you better understand:

  • Why a multifaceted approach to generating income is imperative.
  • How to maximize your retirement savings without increasing your income?
  • How to identify any future retirement gaps.
  • How to make sure your beneficiaries get a tax-free inheritance once you die.
  • How to prevent your assets from going to a nursing home if you become ill.
  • How you can maximize your Social Security benefits for your household.
  • How to make sure you set up income so you don't outlive your money.
  • How to make an informed decision regarding your Medicare options!
  • How to make sure your investments line up with your risk tolerance.
  • Above all... make your retirement years the best time of your life.

Retirement planning is not the same as it was yesterday. The rules have changed and you owe it to yourself to pick up The Roadmap to a Happy and Successful Retirement, and take charge of your own financial destiny.

KIM FISHER is an authority in the financial planning industry. In her more than forty years of expertise, she has helped thousands retire comfortably through her firm, Secure Financial Solutions, Inc. A compassionate leader at heart, Kim led the movement to make sure that everyone in her community can see the culmination of their working years in retirement. Today, she is on a mission to make it global and to help as many people as she can so that can live the retirement they deserve. 

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