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The Dead Talks: Enlightened Imagination & Conversing With The Beyond

by Meg McKeon,Snehal R Singh

ASIN: B09F5C89Z5

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Birth of twins nearly killing their mama starts this true-life autobiography spanning early abuse, generational cults, and a traumatized mother’s inability to love. The journey of Drug Addiction, turbulent thoughts, painful emotional compulsion to breaking addictions and healing. This stunning journey of healing leads to a vibrant life, imagining heaven, a loving God, and divine guides filled with compassion, adoration, and wisdom. The divine guidance and teaching of sages like Joe Dispenza and Abraham Hicks create acceptance and self-care, which relieve lifelong patterns of codependency and lead to happiness, a career in government accounting, and personal freedom. Experiencing emotional freedom and finding the champion within self is about evolving inside out. The Dead Talks is about conversations and enlightened imagination. Life comes to a full circle when all dots start connecting and everything gets a new meaning, a new perspective.
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