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Retire With Earnest: The Great Reset

by David Earnest


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Learn the secrets of how David Earnest, radio host, author and retirement expert is helping seniors take control of their retirement and maximize their income! In his new book he outlines how the liberal media and wall street have been playing a game of smoke and mirrors and why now is the right time to take back control of your retirement! If you want to learn strategies to keep up with inflation, remove too much risk from the market, stay ahead of low interest rates, and how to enjoy your retirement, then keep reading. Let David guide you through the modern economic landscape and help you safeguard your retirement while you still can. Here are some of the key, game changing secrets we will explore in this book. Retire with Earnest The Great Reset is a warning and a message of encouragement to take control of your retirement by taking the right calculated risks and removing the necessary key risks, so that you can enjoy your retirement! DAVID EARNEST is not your typical financial professional, because of his mother’s chosen profession, David has been around hospitals and nursing homes since he could walk. He was influenced early on by the hard work and dedication medical professionals demonstrated toward their patients, and strives to do the same for his clients. With over three decades in the Retirement Income/Annuity/Insurance business and 33 years of overlapping clinical lab science, direct patient care work as a paramedic and his keen interest and knowledge of all things medicinal, David is qualified beyond the average Retirement professional in dealings associated with medically trained professionals. David’s strength lies in helping individuals undergo the insurance discovery, especially when it involves changing needs. David’s conservative approach is a direct result of his upbringing of believing in the Golden Rule. He strives to positively impact every client he works with and is never fully satisfied until he can see his clients achieving their retirement income goals.
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