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In the Beginning: Genesis 1-11 (A Tiny Church Ministry Bible Study)

by Janice Bobanis


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"In the Beginning" is a men's and women's adult Christian bible study on the first eleven chapters of Genesis in the Old Testament. Unlike anything you've done before, this bible study takes an aggressive approach to the most important issues we face today . It is to the point , easy to understand , and incredibly applicable! It basically is an adult Christian ministry on the pages of this book. You will find it to be inspirational, informative, and very interesting! Learn answers to life's biggest questions through scripture and commentary: Do you know what is going on with your food supply and how scripture ties in to it? Do you wonder why so many people are confused about their gender identity? Do you ever ask yourself "Where did the different races originate?" Why is my home and marriage falling apart? This study consists of forty short lessons you can do daily or weekly. Throughout the Old and New Testament, forty is the number symbolizing a time of preparation! Let this meditation on God's Word prepare YOU to face life's challenges! Evangelistic and inspirational in nature, the author's desire is for you to understand God's plan from Genesis to Revelation. She will minister to you throughout the study as you answer questions that lead you to the biblical answer in God's handbook for life! The author's motto is "It doesn't matter what we think, it only matters what God says about it!" Many people do not believe the Old Testament is relevant anymore. This is absolutely not true! We must get back to this wonderful handbook of life! When we ignore the foundation of God's Word , we cannot build the relationship that leads to Christ! I CHALLENGE YOU to set time aside daily and delve into this eye opening study and YOU will understand the spiritual battles you face daily!
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